How to install SUSE Linux Enterprise under Hyper-V

 In Hyper-V

Most windows operating systems will happily work through the Hyper V manager, once the Integration Services software has been installed. This gives the user the ability to

    Use a Mouse
    Use the Keyboard
    Shutdown the Guest using the Hyper V manager
    Detect problems with the VM’s operation
    Take Snapshots of the VM

However this cannot be said for Linux guests.

How does one go about installing Integration services so that Linux works successfully under Hyper V?


Firstly the key to this is to use SUSE Linux Enterprise v 10 or v 11

I have tried this with Red Hat also, and it doesn’t work quite so well. It’s possible but not as easy as SUSE. Saying this, SUSE isn’t perfect either, but both of these are supported by the Microsoft Integration Services software for Linux

Download this

and follow these instruction

This mostly works – I finally got my mouse to work, but the SCSI storage device I had trouble with. This didn’t seem to matter though, the IDE storage device works fine.

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    Please bear in mind that this was written in April 2010 – SUSE Enterprise has more than likely got better at integrating with Hyper V.

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