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Hi All

I have been working now with Linux Ubuntu 10.04 TLS 64 Bit and have been thoroughly enjoying my experiences with NIX, as opposed to WIN.

One of the first hurdles that I encountered was how to connect to a box, which you’re recently built.

The standard method seems to be to use something like PUTTY, available to download here

With this installed on your machine, you now need to enable SSH on your Ubuntu box

The easiest way I found was to install openssh-server from root, or to sudo from another user


  • sudo apt-get install openssh-server – if a non root user


  • apt-get install openssh-server – if root


Providing the nix box has networking setup on it correctly, and can download data from the web, it connects to the Ubuntu repositories and scans for downloads.

  • A message pops up stating that it needs to download a few files – Press Y to continue
  • It completes the install of OpenSSH and sets up the listener ready for SSH connectivity.
  • From that point simply create a new SSH connection within Putty. Point it at the IP address of your new nix box, and press connect.
  • You’ll be presented with the alert shown.

  • Simply press Yes to confirm that you accept the certificate and voila you’re connected.
  • Login using a set of credentials and off you go.


Hope this helps






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