Creating an additional domain controller using command line

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Creating an additional domain controller using command line

Whether you like command line, or you have to build a server core version of 2008 server, you may be in a position where you need to build a DC, but have to use the command line.

Here’s a guide to do this for an additional domain controller in your domain.

    Drop into a command prompt, if not already there – start, run, type CMD and press enter

1. Create yourself an unattend.txt file for your domain

change to the root of the c:


Then create an unattend.txt file

notepad unattend.txt

Don’t worry about what you call this txt file – it could be called jon.txt for all it matters

2. Fill in the appropriate details about your new domain

Type this lot in, changing the values of the NetBIOS name, the DNS Name and the safemode password


Now close the unattend.txt file and save it. See links for more details

3. Run the DCPromo command – creates a domain controller

at the root type

dcpromo /unattend:c:unattend.txt

This will install DNS and all the necessary binaries to get your server promoted and turned into the 1st domain controller on your network.

This will reboot your system and next time you’ll have to login using

U= domainname/administrator
P= one defined in the unattend.txt file

If you get any errors when running the dcpromo command, make sure you have the details in the unattend file correct and also re-fill in the password and save, before you try again.

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