Removing a domain controller via command line – not the last one

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I recently wrote a post about how to install DC’s from a command line. Particularly useful if you are running Windows Server 2008 Server Core.

There are instructions for adding the 1st here

and subsequent DC’s here

Now how do you go about removing DC’s from the domain, using the command line?

This set of instructions is very simple and is for removing subsequent DC’s, NOT the last one.

  1. open the command prompt and enter the following command


dcpromo /AdministratorPassword:”type password” /IsLastDCinDomain:No /DemoteFSMO:Yes

This was enough for me – I ran the code and it demoted my server

To find out the additional switches for this command type


dcpromo /?:Demotion

Please see my other post for removing the last DC in your domain – here

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