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My setup is that I have a terminal server running Office 2010, hence why it’s installed on a Windows Server.

During use of Outlook a “Windows Search” is not installed message was showing in the bottom pane, within the client.

This is how to install the Windows Search Service under Windows Server 2008

  1. Open Server Manager
  2. Click on Roles
  3. Click on Add a Role
  4. Choose the File Server Role
  5. Click Next
  6. on the following screen remove the file server service
  7. click on the Windows Search option
  8. click next
  9. You are given the option to turn on INDEXING for your drives – I didn’t select ANY as I only want search for use by Outlook
  10. Click next
  11. This will install the Search service

Restart Outlook and as it loads it will re-install some components. This may take a few minutes, then Outlook opens, and away you go.

The search facility working in conjuction with Outlook is excellent. I search through my emails all the time using this kind of built in feature and it’s very quick really.




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