VTSP qualifications obtained – We’re now a certified VMWare products re-seller.

 In MS Exchange 2013

We are now a VMWare products re-seller !

We’re excited to announce that just before Christmas we gained the necessary qualifications to become a VMWare products re-seller. Binary had to gain 3 qualifications to do this: VTSP – VMWare Technical Solutions Professional, VSP IV – Infrastructure Virtualization 5.5 and VSP – Virtualization Sales Professional. This means that we can assist you in your design of a VMWare virtualization solutions and provide you with the necessary VMWare products to bring your design to life.

The products we gained knowledge of during our training are:

Please click on the links for re-direction to the VMWare site for additional details. If you would like assistance with designing a virtualisation solution using VMWare products please give us a call today.

we have the privilege of being able to use these tiny little icons, to represent the specialties we have – aren’t we lucky :)   
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