Install CentOS 6.5 Text Mode

 In Linux, Ubuntu

Install Centos 6.5 in Text Mode

Install CentOS 6.5 text mode

Installing centos 6.5 in text mode installs the basic operating system,

Insert or connect the media and turn on the server

When the Automatic boot count down appears #press space bar#

you will see the screen below

use the arrow keys to navigate down to “Install (Text Mode)”

press enter

you will see the install starting

loading2press enter when the welcome to centos box appears

in the language selection box English should already be highlighted press enter

in the keyboard selection box use the up arrow to change to UK, and then highlight ok and press enter


you will now get a drive warning, tab to highlight re-initialize all and press enter

use the down arrow to change to correct timezone, then tab to highlight ok and press enter

lang5 set your root password, tab to highlight ok and press enter

select use entire drive, tab to highlight ok and press enter

use drive 10highlight write changes to disk and press enter

once the installation is complete remove the media and press enter to reboot


once the server has rebooted you will see the tools box

tools13check the network configuration and then turn on sshd service in services

then highlight quit and press enter, the installation is now finished and you will see the log in screen





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