About Binary Royale

Primarily we market ourselves as an “Information Technology Consultancy” business. We have been in the I.T. industry since the infancy of the Internet. Using everything we have learnt since, we believe we are suitably placed to assist other businesses to make decent decisions about what do with their I.T. systems. We do find, however, that a lot of businesses are put off by the idea of using I.T. consultants, so we tend not to go on about it too much. If you don’t like the idea of hiring an I.T. consultant to assist you, what about hiring a “systems specialist” or a “network engineer” or a “solutions architect”. We can be any of these too! Over the years of providing help to other businesses we have built a few in house services to assist us. Therefore we also offer a range of services to help your business get the most from I.T. Have a click around on the menus above to have a look at our cloud offerings.

Additionally we can help your business with projects or migrations. We can help you to purchase the right IT equipment. We can help demystify how I.T and the cloud can help take your business forward or deliver individual elements of your businesses I.T requirements.

We work with Small and Medium sized businesses across the East Midlands and “so far” come highly recommended by our customers.


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