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At Binary Royale we believe that an important part of IT is knowing exactly what you have, where exactly it is and how it is configured. With this in mind we recommend using a product called RackTables. We offer a number of Data Centre Services around RackTables including installing and configuring a RackTables server, populating the data or even hosting RackTables on a virtual server.

RackTables allows you to:

  • Document your rack space in different locations
  • Depict cabinets and their contents, showing exactly which slots are in use
  • Document how servers connect to switches
  • Shows physical hosts running virtual hosts
  • Input configuration information for hardware including:
    • Operating systems
    • Physical configuration
    • Warranty information
    • Contact information

If you would like a demonstration of Rack Tables please contact us.


Information on our pricing can be found here

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