Racktables is a robust solution designed to help you keep track of the layout of your rackspace/cabinets, within a Data Centre / ServerRoom. You can document the hardware, network addresses, spaces in rack, and many more. Racktables is an Open Source software and it’s free to use. All you need is a server and some configuration.

With RackTables you can:

  • Have a list of all devices you’ve got
  • Have a list of all racks and enclosures
  • Mount the devices into the racks
  • Maintain physical ports of the devices and links between them
  • Manage IP addresses, assign them to the devices and group them into networks
  • Document your NAT rules
  • Describe your loadbalancing policy and store loadbalancing configuration
  • Attach files to various objects in the system
  • Create users, assign permissions and allow or deny any actions they can do
  • Label everything and even everyone with flexible tagging system
  • Access all that from anywhere in the world. All you need is a browser and internet connection!

We wrote a document, showing you step by step how to install and configure racktables onto CentOS 6.5, although the installation process is almost the same on each distribution. You can find the documentation here.

If you would like to run racktables as a VM, we have created a VMWare image (OVA/OVF Template) of Racktables, available for download. In order to get the file, please fill in your details and click submit. The download is free and is a reasonable 606MB in size.

Current Download : Racktables 0.20.10 running under CentOS7 exported using VMWare ESXi 5.5

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    If needed, you can read how to deploy the template in vSphere here: How to deploy .ova template in vCentre – vSphere

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